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Much of the history of Carnforth revolves around the railway and ironworks. Vast deposits of limestone located locally made Carnforth an ideal place for an ironworks, as limestone is a key component of the smelting process. In 1846 the Carnforth Ironworks Company established a works, located near the railway station. Carnforth grew from a small village into a railway town in the 19th Century, the train station later featuring in the film 'Brief Encounter'.


Make time to visit the award winning Carnforth Train Station heritage centre and exhibitions, as well as the second hand book shop which has 16 rooms containing over 100,000 books.

Carnforth is also home to many fine pubs, of particular note are the grade II listed Canal Turn pub with canalside moorings, The Royal Station Hotel and adjoining Junction bar, The County Hotel and the Snug micropub.


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